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SPRING BREAK!!! March 25, 2008

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Ahhhh…spring break is in the air. I get my husband to myself for a whole week! He still has work, but we get him all morning before he has to leave.

Easter was really fun for us. Jonny was able to get a day off of work, so we suprised my in-laws in Utah and have a mini vacation. We were able to stay at a hotel for practically nothing because of Jonathans work.  Easter afternoon we had a yummy dinner that my brother-in-law cooked and I took lots of pictures of Kylie and her cousins.  Later that night, we went to a baptism. 

I’ve been having a blast catching up with my sister-in-law.

she moved to Utah last spring, and I’ve missed her so much.  I’ve missed her children too. They are so fun to be around and they’re so sweet with Kylie.

Today all of us went and saw Horton Hears A Who. It was really cute, and Kylie was so well behaved. She loved watching the big screen.  When she wasn’t watching the movie, she was sleeping on her daddy’s lap.

After the movie we all went back to our hotel and played in the pool for a couple of hours. Kylie loves the water. Jonathan would dive underneath and swim to where Kylie and I were standing, then he grabs her legs and pops his head out of the water and startle her. She would start laughing and kicking around in the water.  It was so precious to watch her play. She really is starting to get wonderful personality. 

Tomorrow we are taking the train downtown and visiting Temple Square. I’m so excited! This is our first family vacation, and its been such a blast so far.

Kisses from Mommy

Easter picture with her cousins

First time swimming

Easter picture that Daddy took

She loved eating her new dress

This is one of my favorite pictures of her


Harper March 15, 2008

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I’m currently in Harper having my mom and niece help me take care of Kylie while I try to rest and get better. 


Another day March 13, 2008

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Kylie woke up in a happy mood this morning, I heard her over the baby monitor blowing spit bubbles and squealing. It was so adorable! I picked her up, fed her, changed her and we went into the living room to get some exercise.  She loved watching me do my crunches, squats, and jumping jacks. It was fun seeing her trying to mimic me with her kicks and lifting chubby little legs up in the air. I usually have to take a nap after my morning routine because that is when Jonathan gets home from school and watches Ky so I can take my pain medicine and rest.  Today I wasn’t able to because Jon had to run some errands, I’m really needing to take something for my pain.

I had an experience the other day to lift a ugly burden off my shoulders, it feels really uplifting.  I’m so glad that I can get rid of that negative drag in my life and my families life. It has really inspired me to start being around people who can influence my daughter in a positive way.

Its going to be the start of something great!

 kylie with her new bows


Finally got out of the house! March 10, 2008

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Yesterday was such a fun day! We had family in town so all the girls decided to go shopping to find Easter clothes. I decided to bring Kylie along to let Jonathan get some sleep. She is still a little congested but I was so impressed on how well she did. We went store to store trying clothes on and wishing we had more money. Kylie’s Grandma, great Grandma and great Aunt took turns holding her which made me very happy because it gave me more of an opportunity to keep my mind on shopping. I finally found the cutest dress with a light cardigan sweater, I am so excited to wear it.

After that we stop at Walmart to get groceries for my brother-in-laws farewell on Sunday. I went to the fabric aisle and found some pretty pink and white ribbon to make Kylie a cute little bow that will go along with her Easter dress. I’ve decided that making bows is going to be my new ‘thing’. The owner of Pointe (the company we work for during the summer) has a baby girl and his wife puts her in the cutest little purple bow. I went on-line to see if I could buy one like it , the cheapest one I could find was about $25. My mother-in-law gave me the idea of making my own. The ribbons plus materials to make the bow only cost me $3, so I’m pretty happy about that.

By the end of the day we were all tired, Jonathan and I had plans with our friends but Kylie really hasn’t spent any time with her grandparents so we decided to stay in and spend some family time.

Yesterday was the first time we got out of the house in a really long time! Even though I was pooped, I had a blast.


Early Morning March 8, 2008

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Last night I heard Kylie crying over the monitor, I quickly ran into her room and with my eyes closed, hoping I don’t see a crazy axe murder in my living room, picked her up and hurried into the bedroom. She slept fairly okay for the first part of the night, she decided that she was hungry around 4am, 6am and 7am.

She was sleeping soundly  on her daddy’s side of the bed when he  got home from work.  We still have her bassinet in our bedroom so Jonny softly picked her up hoping not to wake her….but of course she woke up with a big smile on her face and so excited to see her daddy. Jonny and I were both exhausted so we tried to lay her down figuring she will go back to sleep.  Jonathan crawled into bed, gave me a kiss and I snuggled into his arms and fell asleep. Within a couple of minutes we woke up to the sound of a giggle and a sigh. I assume that she was waiting patiently for Daddy to pick her up again and start the fun and games. That is usually what her daddy does in the morning.

I got up and went to the other side of the bedroom to where all the cooing noises were coming from, picked her up and placed her in bed with us. This got her even more excited, by then she was squealing and kicking fevorishly.

She finally won the battle, I splashed cold water on my face and her and I went into the living room to start our morning routine.

She is so darn cute, and we are both luckly to have such a great daddy/husband in our lives.

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Another Day

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Kylie is still sick, and I’m not feeling that hot myself lately. We have been spending most of our time at home snuggling on the couch or walking around from room to room trying to calm down our poor little girl. 

I finally got out of the house today for an hour, I had to run a quick errand and had Jonny watch Kylie. When I got home, I walk into the door to find Jonathan playing peek-a-boo with her. She was laughing and giggling, it was the cutest darn thing I have ever seen.

Jonny is a great dad, watching him love and care for our daughter makes me fall in love with him all over again.


nothing that new March 1, 2008

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Went to my niece’s volleyball game today, she did a great job!! It was so nice to see my brother, his wife and their children.  Jonny is still working the graveyard shift and I am still home alone at night being a chicken.