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Finally got out of the house! March 10, 2008

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Yesterday was such a fun day! We had family in town so all the girls decided to go shopping to find Easter clothes. I decided to bring Kylie along to let Jonathan get some sleep. She is still a little congested but I was so impressed on how well she did. We went store to store trying clothes on and wishing we had more money. Kylie’s Grandma, great Grandma and great Aunt took turns holding her which made me very happy because it gave me more of an opportunity to keep my mind on shopping. I finally found the cutest dress with a light cardigan sweater, I am so excited to wear it.

After that we stop at Walmart to get groceries for my brother-in-laws farewell on Sunday. I went to the fabric aisle and found some pretty pink and white ribbon to make Kylie a cute little bow that will go along with her Easter dress. I’ve decided that making bows is going to be my new ‘thing’. The owner of Pointe (the company we work for during the summer) has a baby girl and his wife puts her in the cutest little purple bow. I went on-line to see if I could buy one like it , the cheapest one I could find was about $25. My mother-in-law gave me the idea of making my own. The ribbons plus materials to make the bow only cost me $3, so I’m pretty happy about that.

By the end of the day we were all tired, Jonathan and I had plans with our friends but Kylie really hasn’t spent any time with her grandparents so we decided to stay in and spend some family time.

Yesterday was the first time we got out of the house in a really long time! Even though I was pooped, I had a blast.


One Response to “Finally got out of the house!”

  1. withasmile Says:

    I’m glad you had fun! While Mom and Dad were here for Grandma’s birthday, the girls all went out and bought ribbons, flowers, clips, etc to make bows. Looks like great mind think alike! 🙂 Maybe when we’re together for a visit or a reunion we can have some “girl time” and make bows together!

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