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Kylie’s Hair February 16, 2009

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Kylie’s hair is finally starting to grow! This morning in the bath Daddy couldn’t help himself and gave Kylie a brand new do.

I think its going to be a new baby trend…he he


My Jonny

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We had a wonderful Valentines Day. I cooked Jonny a nice 4 course meal and he surprised me with a trip to Bogus Basin. He was able to get the entire 3rd floor of the Lodge all to ourselves. There was a movie projector set up with popcorn, candy and all the seasons of Friends.  Candles were lit everywhere with sparkling cider and roses. He is such a sweetheart!
I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful man! He is so cute and so romantic. He always manages to surprise me at every opportunity he gets.

this is the dinner that I cooked. The pictures are not in order but it went salad,scallops,lamb and cheesecake


New Skills February 9, 2009

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Its truly amazing to watch Kylie grow and learn. With each passing day she reaches new milestones–at seven months she learned that buttons with bright lights on them make electronics do all sorts of cool things. Shortly after learning to walk she learned where mom and dad keep the remote and that by employing her new found skills as a biped she could easily gain access to it, much to the demise of her parents. By 13 months she discovered that CD trays also make great bread and juice trays and that by pushing the shiny button to the left of the slot she could discretely store her leftovers for later.

Her most recent discovery came early Saturday morning. She got up at around 8:00 as she usually does and convinced me to get up at about 8:03. Her diaper was especially heavy and had actually started soaking through and into her pajama pants. I changed her diaper, left her pajama top on and tossed the bottoms in the laundry room with the other soiled clothes (mostly mine, some hers). I flipped through the channels until I found an entertaining and educational cartoon for her before lying down on the couch to finish what I had started five hours earlier (no, not Late Night with Connan O’brian, just sleep). At about 9:30 I stirred from nap and figured I should get Kylie some breakfast. As I sliced some bananas and buttered some bread I called her into the kitchen. She scampered in obediently and held out her arms in anxious anticipation for the decedent meal I had prepared. Once secured in her high chair I went back to the couch and learned all about the color red and the number 11. By the time Kylie was finished eating, Mom was up for the day and went to get her our of her highchair. “Um…where is her diaper?” Michelle asked. I came into the kitchen with a puzzled look on my face. “I don’t know,” I said as I watched Michelle jiggle Kylie’s bare bum free of the plastic chair cover it was stuck to, “What did you do with it?”

In hindsight I suppose it doesn’t make much sense that Michelle would have removed Kylie from her highchair, taken off her diaper only to suction-cup her back in to place, but at the time it was the only thing that seemed logical. I distinctly remembered putting a diaper on her earlier and I didn’t recall her being naked when I put her in her chair for breakfast. I realized the nonsense of my former accusation and began piecing together the events as they had actually occurred: perhaps today was the day Kylie learned to remove her diaper on her own. I took a quick walk through the house and sure enough, found the incriminating Huggy (singular for Huggies I suppose) resting on the floor by the TV. But the story wasn’t over yet, as the investigation continued it became apparent the she had been planning this morning’s events for some time, carefully orchestrating every strategic step with venerable passion. Precisely drawn blueprints were later recovered from Kylie’s crib, they outlined every deviant detail of the plot:

8:36 am: Dad is fast asleep on the couch, remove diaper by pulling tabs A and B simultaneously. 8:38: remove couch pillows from couch and spread them out on the living room floor. 8:41: poop on them. 8:44: step in poop. 8:45 walk around with poop on feet until breakfast

Dad’s plan went as follows: 9:55-11:00 clean up poop prints.


Update February 5, 2009

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  • I thought I would update everybody about the pregnancy
  • I’m still bleeding quite a bit, any time I’m on my feet for a long period of time I start to cramp and bleed.
  • My 21 week ultrasound is next week so we are pretty excited for that. Though we still aren’t going to find out what the sex is.
  • I’m going to go see a physical therapist in a couple of weeks to see if we can straighten out my back and pick my uterus up so there isn’t so much pressure.
  • I still on full bed rest until my doctor gives me the okay
  • There is a slight chance that I won’t be able to travel to Chicago until the baby is born


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We just  turned Kylie’s room into the playroom last month and we are happy with the decision. She plays all day and watches cartoons  on her T.V.    She grabs her sippy lays a blanket on her lap and sits in her bumbo seat.

Its so cute to watch her.


Fun Sunday February 2, 2009

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Today has been wonderful and busy!  We had to get up early for church and when we came home, we had to scramble to get everything ready for our Superbowl party. I was afraid there wasn’t going to be enough seating but forgot to include the kitchen chairs in my head count.  We watched the game, cheered and chit chatted with each other. I am so grateful that everyone ate plenty of food because we had no room in our fridge for leftovers.

Kylie did great with everyone and was so funny to watch. Anytime there was music on a commercial, she would dance around and give a big cute grin to anyone who would watch her. What a show off!

I’m still on bed rest but cheated today to get the house and food ready. I couldn’t just watch Jonny do it by himself.  He has been such a lifesaver these past couple of weeks with picking up the slack. Every day when he gets home, he will clean the kitchen and make sure I have everything I need. When all the house work is done, he usually sends me off to bed for a late afternoon nap…

What a sweetheart, I think I’ll keep him around a little bit longer 😉


25 Random Facts about Me February 1, 2009

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I have been tagged in my facebook, myspace and email so I’m posting it in my blog.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end choose  people to be tagged.

1. I love my husband and daughter

2.  I love the Gospel

3. want to make more friends

4. I wish I could be more fashion forward

5. I’m addicted to TLC’s A Baby Story

6. I won’t let Kylie leave the house without a bow in her hair

7. my favorite movie is ‘While You Were Sleeping’

8. my husband and I always fight over the “old Maids” at the bottom of the popcorn bowl

9. I’m trying to be not so judgemental

10. Secretly, I wear my wedding dress around the house 

11. In the middle of the night I will go and pick my daughter up from her crib just to cuddle with her against my chest.

12. I’m afraid of water

13. Sometimes, I think my husband is too good for me

14. I want perfect skin

15. I fantasized myself being Bella while reading the Twilight Series

16. I wish my family was more interested in my life

17. think about my husband at least every 5 mins

18. I want at least 6 more children

19. I get along with my in-laws and really love them.

20. My favorite Child movie is The Little Mermaid

21. I clash with most other females

22. I want my children to be better parents than we are

23. I know what it feels like to be broke

24. I love to cook gourmet food and want my children to eat nice things. Not just casseroles

25.I fell in love with my husband on our 2nd date. He still gives me butterflies when he leaves little notes around the house.

anyone who reads this…I’m daring you to post this in your blog also.