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Birthmark September 30, 2008

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Ever since Kylie was 3 months, she has had a strawberry hemangioma birthmark on her left cheek.   People still come up to me and ask “whats on her cheek?”  At church, the children are pointing and asking their parents “whats wrong with her face?” I know that it’s just the innocence of a child but I sometimes get really upset.   I shouldn’t be angry or feel sorry for Kylie. I don’t ever want her to think that there is something ‘wrong’ with her.  She is such a beautiful baby, her spirit has brightened our lives in so many ways.  Jonny and I don’t even realize that it’s there until someone points it out.

I’ve just recently joined a group on cafemom.com. Its a group of mothers who have babies with birthmarks. I can’t even describe how much this has helped me!  Talking with moms in similar situations has been such a breath of fresh air for me.  I always knew that the birthmark will go away within the next couple years, but having that reassurance from mothers who’ve experienced it, has made that worry in the back of my mind disappear.

10 months old its starting to fade


Staying In September 29, 2008

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A friend of mine has convinced us to get Netflixs because we are such movie goers.  I cannot believe how great it is to recieve movies in the mail! Every night after we put Kylie down, we pop some popcorn, grab a cozy blanket, and snuggle on our big fluffy couch while watching a newly released movie.  Good Job Netflixs

and…thanks Desiree


Spitting Kylie

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Kylie continues to spit on us. It’s now escalated to dinner time when we are spooning something in her mouth. She spits everything back at us.  I do value that she is expressing herself but I’m ready to be done with this stage.


Kisses September 25, 2008

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Kylie has always been really good about giving Mommy and Daddy kisses. She has started a new habit of spitting every time we lean in for a smooch!

We don’t want to encourage it so we try not to have a reaction, but one of us ends up bursting out in laughter.


 I miss sweet kisses from my little girl


Housing September 23, 2008

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We have been talking about buying a house but really haven’t been too serious, until yesterday. We looked into some GREAT houses over in Kuna.  We found one that we both fell in love with plus its right within our price range!  The only problem is…. we need to find a house that is in a good area to rent.  When Jonny gets done with BSU we are headed to Utah for 3-4 years. We would need to rent out our house in Idaho because selling it would be out of the question. We plan on moving back to the Treasure Valley and opening an office once Jon is completely out of school.


Unfortunate September 22, 2008

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Another month of trying to conceive has come and gone. I keep finding myself crying through out the day usually when Kylie is down for her naps.  Everyone tells me that it can be difficult getting pregnant a couple months after a miscarriage.  I feel frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, bleak, and helpless. Why can’t I get pregnant!?  I’m not returning phone calls and spending all day in my bathrobe.  This cannot be healthy..right?

I do trust that my Heavenly Father will help me with this trial. Even know Jonny and I say we are ready, only He knows when its the right time.


Horse September 18, 2008

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Ever since the Shawver reunion, Kylie has been loving horses.  Every time we see a horse on TV or in one of her books, she starts getting excited and clapping her hands.

I guess we will be purchasing her a pony for her birthday. he he he

this is her first time on a horse at Grandma and Grandpa’s house