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2 years and still going strong August 26, 2008

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For the last three months or so Jonny has been alluding to some major activity or event on the horizon. Only once or twice this summer did I catch him on the phone making special arrangements of some kind, but overall he was pretty clandestine. Still I knew it had to do with our anniversary since it is our tradition to do something extravagant each August 25th instead of buying gifts for one another. The 25th this year fell on Monday, Jonny’s first day back to classes. He spent the morning on campus and came home around 4:00; we dropped Kylie off with Nammy and Papa and left before the grandparents realized what they were getting themselves into, then just to be on the safe side, we turned off the cell phones.

Jonny had made reservations at the Oxford Bell Tower Suite, where we arrived to drop off our bags and get settled in. The bed was covered in rose petals as were the living and dining room floors and the fire was crackling in the hearth (I know it’s August but the fire certainly added to the romantic ambiance even if we did have to turn the thermostat down to 55). Half an hour after checking in we went to dinner downtown. Forty five minutes of navigating Boise’s narrow one-way streets and waiting at the city’s enervating timed traffic lights, we arrived in front of the Grove Hotel. Jonathan made a brief phone call to make sure all plans were in order.  As we walked to the front desk we were approached by the manager and escorted to the fourteenth floor of the hotel.  Waiting for us on the private terrace of the penthouse suite was the manager of Emilo’s restaurant and the waiter who would be attending us throughout the evening.  We drank Mormon Champaign and enjoyed our entrees by candle light as the sun set over Boise’s beautiful south west valley.

 After dinner Jonathan took me to The Reel Theatre to see an independent film, “The Visitors”.  When the previews started, there appeared the words, “Seated in the audience today is the luckiest man in the world. Two years ago he married an amazing woman who changed his life in ways he could never have imagined. This brief tribute to their lives is the least he could do.” Then, to the tune of Josh Groban’s, “When You Say You Love Me” pictures of us began appearing on the screen. Three minutes later the audience applauded as I wiped the tears from my eyes and kissed my husband on the cheek.

I would have to say that this was the best Anniversary   so far.  100+ more years to go!








Home and an upcoming Anniversary August 25, 2008

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The summer, at least as far as work is concerned is officially over. After three months of anticipation, four days of packing, and two and a half days of driving we are finally home. The drive was painfully long thanks especially to Wyoming-the “Im glad I dont live here” state and because we brought two cars, neither Jonny nor I got much rest along the way. Still, in spite of the long hours and endless stretches of highway, we valiently persisted, slowed only by the incessant cry of a child who wanted to play with every truck we passed and the occasional need to use the lady’s room (or in Jonny’s case, the side of the road). Over all, the trip went smoothly and according to plan with the exception of one near fatal accident, or rather, a likely fatal near accident in which someone in the right lane turned abruptly and unexpectedly to the left in front of Jonny in order to make an illegal U-turn onto the East bound I-80. With tires screeching, Jonny jerked the wheel to the right and avoided collision by less than a foot. With certain death narrowly escaped he then found himself in a heated struggle to keep the car on the road. After a series of power slides all performed within the white lines of the freeway he dismounted with a near-flawless 360 degree spin in the pike possition and came to a stop on the left hand shoulder. Unfortunately the Chinese judge only scored it a 6.925 costing him the Gold medal. When it was all over I was actually a lot more shaken up the he was. I watched my husband nearly die, but for him it was just like another game of Grand Tourismo. After that, the rest of the trip was largely uneventful-especially Wyoming.

Coming up this Monday is our anniversary. Jonny has been playing his cards pretty close to the chest so all I know as of right now is that his parents will be babysitting and it will be overnight.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!    It seems like I just got married but at the same time I feel that I’ve known Jonathan my entire life. I’m posting some pictures of our beautiful wedding.


Update August 18, 2008

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We are counting down the days before the trip back to Idaho.  Jonathan is working hard so he can end the year on a good note, I’m packing and spending my days eating bon bons and watching cable..just kidding.

Kylie is doing great. She is in this new spitting phase where she constantly is spitting on toys, books, furniture and on Mom and Dad.


Little Baby August 15, 2008

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Kylie has been so cuddly lately. I’m loving it so much. She has never been the one to snuggle into someones arms, but now that she is climbing on all of the furniture (boxes and suitcases, we don’t have furniture in our apartment) she needs me to reassure her. Right before she starts to climb, she will crawl right into my lap and dig her head into my chest until I hold her.  She will let me snuggle her for about 20 seconds and quickly jumps our of my arms and onto a giant Costco diaper box.

It’s really cute.

We went to the store yesterday. As I was pushing Kylie in the cart as she was pounding on the handle and babbling “da da da ma ma ma”  I had a couple of woman come up to me and told me that she is so advanced for only being 4-5 months old.  When I told them she was 9 months they looked at me like I was joking.

This is weird for me. I don’t think Kylie is small but I’ve had at least 20 women come up to me and tell me how tiny she is. Everyone always assumes that she is 4 or 5 months old.


One More Week

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One more week and we will be on our way home! Yeah!!! Chicago has been fun but I am so ready to get home and just relax with my husband and baby girl.


Six Flags August 6, 2008

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We went to six flags the other day. Jonathan had a blast riding all the roller coasters. Me on the other hand, didn’t have the stomach for anything. I did get the courage (actually, having everyone call me a chicken to the point that I finally gave in) to ride one roller coaster.

We took Kylie on some rides and went on the water ones together.  We had a good day.