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R.I.P January 30, 2008

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We are in mourning for President Hinckley right now. It breaks my heart that Kylie will never remember what a great Prophet he was.  He finally is reunited with his wife that he missed with all his heart. I will get to see him again someday, and that makes me smile  🙂


In Utah January 27, 2008

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Last night we spent the night at my brother Justin’s house. We stayed up until 6am playing games (xbox,Wii,playstation) and talking about politics and Chuck Norris.  It was a blast.  We finally dragged ourselves up into bed after Jonny fell asleep on the couch. Kylie was stirring all night from the loud noises that we were making. She started getting restless two hours after we had gone to bed. With sleep still in my eyes I pulled myself out of my slumber and brought her into bed with me. She immediately went back to sleep nestled between Mommy and Daddy. I heard my sister-in-law making breakfast downstairs so I decided to get up and get dressed for the day.  Kylie woke up next which in return woke up Daddy.  While Jonny ate his breakfast I changed and fed Ky and soon after we were headed to Orem for a training meeting. Driving was a bear, Jonny gets upset driving in Utah. Anyways, we arrived at the meeting and played games for 3 hours. We would have left early but there is always a raffle at the end and there was a plasma TV that we were really hoping to win.  Lets just say that it didn’t happen, and we wasted a whole afternoon sitting around and watching people play games.

We came back to Justin’s house and took a good 3 hour nap. My friend from Magna UT came over to visit and to see the baby. After she left, everyone was rubbing their eyes and headed to bed.

  I am currently in my pj’s and snuggled in a comforter watching the food network. We have a long drive to Boise 😦

 Kylie with Uncle Justin

Sitting on the couch


Enjoying our baby girl

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Bath Time

No Clothes


Tummy Time


Bliss January 26, 2008

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So the last two days have been decently eventful. Jonathan just started classes but was able to keep an open schedule for the family. He goes to campus Monday through Friday at 9:00 and finishes by about 12:00. While Jonny is gone (and pretty much all the time) Kylie is fully in charge of the Ross home, even more so now than ever, and of course, no one is more aware of it than she is (actually, Jonny is never in charge of the household but he’s kinda cute so we’ve decided to keep him around for a while). In addition to employing us as full time cooks, maids, and caretakers, she also has us dancing, singing, and otherwise embarrassing ourselves for her enjoyment. She must secretly regard us as her court jesters.

We are headed to Utah to a training program for Eclipse.  Thats all for now. I will update later, my sweet baby girl is needing a diaper change.


Poor baby January 23, 2008

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Today Kylie has had a upset tummy. Every time I feed her, 2 mins later she throws it all up. I feel so bad for her because there is nothing I can do except give gas drops and burp her. Jonny got up with her around 3 am and she wouldn’t go back down in her crib. I took her in bed with me. Craddled her next to my chest and had my face right next to hers. She loves waking up and seeing me, this helps her go back to sleep for another hour or so. We wrap her up in her blanket but she always manages to wriggle free.  When she has her arms free she prevents herself from sleeping. Her arms have a mind of their own, they keep hitting her in the face. I put her between me and Jonny and we both pinned an arm to her side. She slept for a good 4 hours until she woke up with spit up all down her neck.

She is doing better now. I’ve got her to calm down, and she is currently in her swing with her binki.

I’m crossing my fingers that she will stay that way for at least another hour.


Scrapbook January 19, 2008

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my sister made a scrapbook page of kylie



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Tonight I went into my parents room and gave my mom a foot rub while her and Dad were in bed. Kylie wanted to be held so my dad cuddled with her in his arms while watching T.V.  10 mins later they were both fast asleep and snoring. Kylie had a little cute high pitch snore while Dad sounded like a bear in hibernation. It was so stinking cute to watch kylie cuddled next to her grandpa.