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Sick Day July 30, 2008

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I woke up this morning to a loud gurgling sound next to me. I look over at Jonny and pulled his shirt up. I swear I could see his stomach swaying backing and forth in sync to the growling. I woke him up and he made a mad dash to the bathroom. He started throwing up like I’ve never heard before, it was so loud! In fact, it woke Kylie up. I go into the bedroom and see Ky crying face down into her blanket. She didn’t even have the strength to pick her head up. I press my lips against her forehead, she was burning up. Jonny told me that he was running a fever too. I knew that today was going to be a long and stressful day.

As I’m writing this I’m starting to get queasy. Hopefully no one will come around us for a couple of days. We are all very contagious. Sorry Pointe People, there’s no getting around it. It’s going to be like last year when ALL of us got sick within 24 hrs of the Six Flags trip.


Shopping Spree July 29, 2008

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After saying goodbye to Mom and Dad on Thursday, Kylie and I wiped away the tears and headed to the Mall. I’ve been meaning to go shopping for awhile. We received a $250 gift card from the clothing store that we bought Kylie’s pants that had a sharp tack inside the cloth. We signed a legal waver and they sent us a gift card…. yeah! We bought a few outfits for Kylie (she is the one who did suffer for this shopping spree) and Jonny and I splurged a little on ourselves.


Visit July 22, 2008

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We are having a great time with my Mom and Dad here. So far we have; gone to the zoo,  watched WALLE, went sight-seeing, played games, and hopefully we go swimming today or tomorrow.

some pictures from the last couple of days




Pushing forward July 16, 2008

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My parents are coming in to town tonight. yeah!!! I’ve been so home sick lately, seeing them will be a breathe of fresh air. 

I’m doing better this week. I didn’t know that losing a pregnancy could affect you so much not just emotionally but physically as well. Having Kylie be so active is really keeping my mind off of things. I received a couple of deliveries last week that put a smile of my face. Thanks Becky and Melissa; that really help lift my spirit. 

Kylie is always on the go. She is our little dare-devil who loves climbing on furniture and purposely lets go to see if she can balance herself. She usually falls, but gets back up and does it again. This time, she will do it a little different to make sure that she doesn’t make the same mistake.


Our first 4th July 5, 2008

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Our 4th of July holiday was memorable. When Jonathan left for work early morning, I found myself running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything organized for the day.  I had to clean the kitchen, pick up the living room, fold laundry, feed Kylie, pack, take a shower… the list keeps going. Finally when Jonathan got home in the afternoon, I was able to get Kylie ready.  Last week I bought her a new 4th of July outfit (pink and brown of course) I made a matching pink and brown bow. I was so excited to see her wear it. She was crying so much after I got her dress,  I thought a tag was scratching her I looked up and down her body and found nothing. Jonny  thought she had a tummy ache and we decided to wait it out. After an hour of non stop screaming, we bolted for the door and on our way to the zoo. She was still crying here and there so I gave her some gas drops in hopes of getting her to settle down.

The zoo was amazing but big.  We only had time to see dolphins, seals, elephants, monkeys, and big cats. Kylie had a full diaper by this time so we laid her down on the ground and as I was taking off her shorts something poked me hard. My finger started bleeding, I looked in the shorts and inside of the material  there was the sharp half of a  security tag. I looked on Kylie’s leg and there are about 20 bleeding puncture holes up and down her thigh.

I immediately started crying and feeling so guilty about getting frustrated with her earlier. Jonathan had to use keys to dig the stupid thing out of her shorts.  We called and left a message with customer service. Hopefully we will get a call back.

After we had all settled down, we drove back home, picked up some ribs and wings and beelined our way to the park.  We ate dinner and watched fireworks.  We had a good time.


4th July 2, 2008

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We are getting ready for the 4th. Jonny is only working 1/2 the day and taking the next Monday off. We are going to have a nice long weekend together as a family. yeah!

We plan on going to Rib Fest and the zoo for the 4th and on the 7th we are headed down town to see the biggest aquarium in the country. Hopefully Kylie will get a kick out of it.