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Pictures May 28, 2008

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Here are some pictures of our apartment-pool tennis court, football field, ski hill, lake, and Kylie playing with Daddy





What should I do?

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Kylie is having a bad case of stranger anxiety. Every time someone gets too close to her or me, she starts screaming. Her face turns bright red and she starts panicking, to the point that she is about to throw up.  I’m having a hard time with this phase. My social life has depleted and I feel bad telling people to not get too close.  It makes me look like a over paranoid monster momma. 

On Memorial Day we went to an office BBQ. Jonny and I really wanted to play volleyball with a couple of other guys.  My friend Sean offered to watch her for awhile. During the game I could hear a baby screaming coming from around the building. I must have mother radar because I knew that the crying was coming from my baby. Jonny and I bee-lined over to the pool and found Sean frantically walking around trying to calm her down.  It took 10 mins to calm her down.  Jonny had to distract her by dangling her feet in the pool.  We eventually had to leave early and never got to finish our game that Jonny and I were winning. (rematch Kyle and Randy)  

If anyone had any advice….please feel free to write me.



Selfish May 26, 2008

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Yesterday, Kylie and I had Jonathan all to ourselves. I never knew how possessive I was. He works all day and is gone a good deal of the night. The Pointe office is far away from our place so there is a lot of driving involved. When we do get to have family time, we make the most of it. The reason why I say that I’m possessive is because yesterday I turned off both of our phones so no one could contact us. I was permanently attached to Jonny’s hip and a baby girl was permanently attached to mine.




date night May 24, 2008

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Last night we went and saw the new Chronicles Of Narna movie. It was good, the first was better by far. Kylie slept through the entire movie. We didn’t hear a peep out of her. Jonny was tempted to wake her up so he could hold her. Its cute to see how much he misses his baby girl.

We had a good time last night. I’m glad to know that Kylie still does great in movie theaters. This makes it easier for Jonny and I to have date nights while we are here.


Bed Time May 23, 2008

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Jonathan was top sales rep of the office yesterday! He is off to a great start.

Kylie is in a new bed time routine-

5pm-       walk in the stroller

6:15-       Dinner (turkey, peas, carrots and rice crackers)

7-            Bath

7:20-       baby lotion massage and dressed in pj’s

7:30-       story and scriptures

7:45-       8 oz of formula

7:55pm-   bed time!!!

She still gets up twice during the night. Her pediatrician says that she should be sleeping through the night.  We are still struggling with that. Hopefully this new routine will work  a little bit better. I have to be dedicated or she will never get to the point of sleeping all night.



New Sounds May 20, 2008

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Today while I was unpacking I heard Kylie in the living room saying “da da da da ba ba ba ba”  She makes these sounds to get mommy’s attention.  Every time I hear her, I scoop her up in my arms and give her big kisses.  What can I say? She has mommy wrapped around her finger.



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We made it whoo hooo!!!!  We are staying in a great community/mini resort. The amenities are amazing, there is a grocery store, lodge, ski hill, 6 volleyball courts,  golf course, 3 tennis courts, 4 pools, errand master, movie rentals, fishing, boating, massage therapist and every morning in a room next to the mailboxes there is free breakfast. We feel like we are living in a hotel.  When is gets hot enough, we are going ice blocking down the ski hill.  Everyone is going to think we’re nuts.

Jonny starts work today 😦  we are going to miss him.  On the bright side, we have sooooo much to do to keep busy. The next 3 months will fly by.


 Here are some pictures of us on the road