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We are alive June 25, 2008

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Our computer has kicked the bucket. I’m not able to update much anymore.

We are all doing well, Kylie is crawling like a pro, Jonathan is doing great with sales, and I’m still here.  We are having such a great time.  I’m anxiously waiting to go home and Jonathan could go either way.

Just wanted to say that we are still alive.


Crawling June 10, 2008

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Kylie is starting to work up the courage to crawl…yeah!   She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth once she has had some reassurance from either me or Daddy.  To go forward she lifts up on her toes pushes off and does a belly flop.



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Every Sunday evening we take a family walk together around the resort. This last Sunday we introduced Kylie to the volleyball courts (which has real sand and professional nets 🙂 We stuck her feet in to let her get use to it and before we knew it she was sticking whole fistful of sand in her mouth.  Now I’ve been trying to get sand out of everything.