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Let it snow December 29, 2008

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We went to Harper for the weekend to visit my family.  It snowed like crazy the entire time but we made the most of it by sledding and building snow forts.

We took a car hood and tied it to the back of my Dad’s four wheeler. I didn’t want to go at first, but Jonny and my brothers convinced me to try it.  It was a blast!!!


Great Christmas

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We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Jonny, Kylie and I spent a quiet morning at home enjoying each others company.  We casually unwrapped presents and started making Christmas Dinner.  Jonathan’s parents and Grammy came over to eat with us and helped play with all of our new toys.


our Christmas list December 24, 2008

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Just two weeks after our return trip from the balmy 76 degree tropical islands of Hawaii we find ourselves blanketed in white snow as thick and palpable as a wedding cake. Even as we hang our stockings in preparation for Christmas we find sand in cracks and crevasses we never knew existed–a constant reminder that somewhere in the distance thousands of people are singing mela kaliki makai as they sip pina coladas on the beach. Of course I’m not complaining, Kauai was great but its nice to be back home and prepared ourselves for a  certainly white-Christmas. We have yet to hear sleigh bells (we’re listening) thankfully though, in the lane, snow is glistening.

Jonathan and I are not ones to be prodigal (actually Jonathan’s not one to be prodigal which usually keeps my carefree shopping sprees in check) but this Christmas we’re getting more stuff than Santa can fit in his bag (its true, the first checked item was free, then its fifteen dollars per bag after that–even in the North Pole things are getting tight). A lot of what we’re getting isn’t actually Christmas related, its necessity, but being this close to the holiday we are wrapping it up, putting it under the tree and pawning it off as yuletide generosity. About a month ago our computer retired. If you ask me it was a bit early to do so but apparently with the economy the way it is and some offshore investments it had made in the golden years, our laptop decided to get out of the game sooner rather than later. Our TV on the other hand has been lazy on the job for over a year now. He’s putting in fewer hours than he used to his screen goes greenish when it should be black–we’re very disappointed, but we can’t fire him because he’s part of a union. And finally, the Nissan Sentra that has been so good to us for so long was recently involved in a gang fight and didn’t fare so well. So by way of need alone we recently drafted a letter to Santa. It reads as follows:

Dear Santa,

We do not wish to seem demanding or ungrateful, but in light of recent events and as a result of our exceptional good behavior we have a number of items on our list that would really brighten the holidays this year.

we’ll start with the big ticket items first, the biggest of which is a new four-door reliable sedan in a conservative color that gets great gas mileage (*thanks we appreciate it). Next on the list is a new TV; 40-50 inch high definition LCD flat screen would be preferable. And finally, we could really use a new computer, maybe a compaq or a dell, something with a decent hard drive and processor. And while you’re at it Santa, get yourself somethin’ nice, somethin’ real nice.


Jonathan and Michelle

PS: enjoy the cookies


Snow December 21, 2008

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The snow has been falling like crazy here in the Treasure Valley. We decided to bundle Kylie up and play in the back yard.  She had a blast!



Vacation December 11, 2008

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We are back from our great vacation!  We stayed on the north side of Kauai Island and went beach hopping all around the island.  Jonny got me to snorkel even though I’m terrified of water.  I got over my fear very quickly since it was costing us $20 in snorkeling gear.  The water and beaches were amazing!!  I’m so glad to have had time alone with my husband.  It will be harder to get away when the baby arrives and we have two children to worry about.  I’m staying optimistic about next year…I’m hoping that we can get a baby sitter or bring a baby sitter along with us. 






Walking December 2, 2008

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Kylie is officially walking!  She looks like a drunken sailor, but she is doing such a great job for her tiny body. She has short legs and a long torso so in order to keep her balance, she is swings her hips as for as they can go. Everyone says she looks saddle sore, but in a cute way.



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Thanksgiving was fun as usual. We spent ourholiday weekend with the Ross side of the family.  We decided to do a girls only movie to see Twilight and I fell in love with it!!  I loved it so much that Jonny and I went to see it again last night.

My new obsession… reading all of the books.  We borrowed all four books on Sunday night and I’m already done with Twilight and Full Moon.  I haven’t gotten any housework done and have been letting Kylie run around in her pajamas all day.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t start the 3rd book until we were on our flight to Hawaii because I desperately need to get the house ready for when we leave.  I can’t believe how hard its been!!  I put the last two books up in the guest bedroom closet so I wouldn’t have the temptation.