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SPRING BREAK!!! March 25, 2008

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Ahhhh…spring break is in the air. I get my husband to myself for a whole week! He still has work, but we get him all morning before he has to leave.

Easter was really fun for us. Jonny was able to get a day off of work, so we suprised my in-laws in Utah and have a mini vacation. We were able to stay at a hotel for practically nothing because of Jonathans work.  Easter afternoon we had a yummy dinner that my brother-in-law cooked and I took lots of pictures of Kylie and her cousins.  Later that night, we went to a baptism. 

I’ve been having a blast catching up with my sister-in-law.

she moved to Utah last spring, and I’ve missed her so much.  I’ve missed her children too. They are so fun to be around and they’re so sweet with Kylie.

Today all of us went and saw Horton Hears A Who. It was really cute, and Kylie was so well behaved. She loved watching the big screen.  When she wasn’t watching the movie, she was sleeping on her daddy’s lap.

After the movie we all went back to our hotel and played in the pool for a couple of hours. Kylie loves the water. Jonathan would dive underneath and swim to where Kylie and I were standing, then he grabs her legs and pops his head out of the water and startle her. She would start laughing and kicking around in the water.  It was so precious to watch her play. She really is starting to get wonderful personality. 

Tomorrow we are taking the train downtown and visiting Temple Square. I’m so excited! This is our first family vacation, and its been such a blast so far.

Kisses from Mommy

Easter picture with her cousins

First time swimming

Easter picture that Daddy took

She loved eating her new dress

This is one of my favorite pictures of her


One Response to “SPRING BREAK!!!”

  1. withasmile Says:

    I really loved reading this update. 🙂

    It was so nice to have your sweet family here for a few days. I really enjoyed our talks, we all had a blast swimming, watching movies, playing the Wii, and going out to dinner, and the kids all adore their baby cousin Kylie!

    Thanks again for the wonderful surprise visit. We look forward to seeing you in April. We love you!

    Love, Melissa 🙂

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