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My Jonny February 16, 2009

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We had a wonderful Valentines Day. I cooked Jonny a nice 4 course meal and he surprised me with a trip to Bogus Basin. He was able to get the entire 3rd floor of the Lodge all to ourselves. There was a movie projector set up with popcorn, candy and all the seasons of Friends.  Candles were lit everywhere with sparkling cider and roses. He is such a sweetheart!
I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful man! He is so cute and so romantic. He always manages to surprise me at every opportunity he gets.

this is the dinner that I cooked. The pictures are not in order but it went salad,scallops,lamb and cheesecake


25 Random Facts about Me February 1, 2009

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I have been tagged in my facebook, myspace and email so I’m posting it in my blog.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end choose  people to be tagged.

1. I love my husband and daughter

2.  I love the Gospel

3. want to make more friends

4. I wish I could be more fashion forward

5. I’m addicted to TLC’s A Baby Story

6. I won’t let Kylie leave the house without a bow in her hair

7. my favorite movie is ‘While You Were Sleeping’

8. my husband and I always fight over the “old Maids” at the bottom of the popcorn bowl

9. I’m trying to be not so judgemental

10. Secretly, I wear my wedding dress around the house 

11. In the middle of the night I will go and pick my daughter up from her crib just to cuddle with her against my chest.

12. I’m afraid of water

13. Sometimes, I think my husband is too good for me

14. I want perfect skin

15. I fantasized myself being Bella while reading the Twilight Series

16. I wish my family was more interested in my life

17. think about my husband at least every 5 mins

18. I want at least 6 more children

19. I get along with my in-laws and really love them.

20. My favorite Child movie is The Little Mermaid

21. I clash with most other females

22. I want my children to be better parents than we are

23. I know what it feels like to be broke

24. I love to cook gourmet food and want my children to eat nice things. Not just casseroles

25.I fell in love with my husband on our 2nd date. He still gives me butterflies when he leaves little notes around the house.

anyone who reads this…I’m daring you to post this in your blog also.


Vacation December 11, 2008

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We are back from our great vacation!  We stayed on the north side of Kauai Island and went beach hopping all around the island.  Jonny got me to snorkel even though I’m terrified of water.  I got over my fear very quickly since it was costing us $20 in snorkeling gear.  The water and beaches were amazing!!  I’m so glad to have had time alone with my husband.  It will be harder to get away when the baby arrives and we have two children to worry about.  I’m staying optimistic about next year…I’m hoping that we can get a baby sitter or bring a baby sitter along with us. 






HAWAII November 14, 2008

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We are going to Hawaii!  The first week in December, we are dropping Kylie off with grandparents and hopping on a 12 hour flight to Kauai Hawaii. The owners of Pointe have a time share that we are going to stay at… I’m super excited!! This will be my first BIG vacation and the first time to the ocean.

We weren’t going to go at first but air fare prices have dropped considerably and we actually have enough money in our budget,  the tickets are paid for so its a done deal.  There will be 3 other couples going with us (one of them being my brother and his wife) so we will have lots of fun activities to do.  My only fear is being on a plane for that long. I have really bad motion sickness and morning sickness, combined with a 12 hour flight, uhhh…I feel bad for everyone on that plane because there will be a lot of puking.


Happy Birthday Kylie girl!!! November 3, 2008

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Kylie received her very own orange birthday cake! She didn’t want to touch it at first because it looked very poky. Eventually Daddy got her to dig in… its really cute (kinda long)



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I had a awesome birthday this Halloween. My husband bought me my food processor that I’ve been wanting for a couple of years (thanks sweetie) 

I felt sick for most of the day, I made many trips to the bathroom due to my wonderful morning sickness..yuck!   After many saltines and cups of coke later, I started to feel perky again.  Jonathan was at school for most of the afternoon and came home with supplies to make homemade sushi. This had become a tradition  for my birthday.  I actually enjoyed it though the thought of fish now makes my tummy really queasy.  My mom came by the house to hand out candy so we could take Kylie trick or treating.  There really is no point of taking a 1 year old trick or treating but we were in it for the free goods. Mommy and Daddy will be enjoying the fruits of Kylie’s labor for the next couple of weeks.

After making our rounds around the neighborhood, we came home and watched a really scary (PG-13) movie…I ended up crying because I was so frightened.  Jonny has now vowed to never watch a scary movie with me again while I’m pregnant, not to be mean but because I close my eyes and cover my ears and ask him to tell me in detail what is happening. It kind of ruins the movie watching experience for him.

My little lady Bug

Headed to the Ward Halloween Party

At the ward Party, everyone thought that Jonny really had piercings….


Full Day October 19, 2008

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I have injured my shoulder while lifting a weight at the Butler reunion. I’m currently on muscle relaxers and they make me loopy.  The pain is most intense during night time and early morning.  OUCH!

This morning after I had done my stretches, we hurried to Nammy and Papa’s house to do a photo shoot for Kylie.  I can’t wait to post them, they are so darling.  I brought several cute outfits for her to wear, but we ended up just draping material around her naked little body while she played with pearls. SO CUTE!!! The pictures came out really well. After we were done with that, we scurried over to Woodbury’s home for a house warming party.  Once we left, we bought a pumpkin and headed over to Aaron’s home to carve pumpkins and watch a movie. We have a very full day, now we are just relaxing at home getting ready to snuggle up in bed.