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Another Hurdle March 8, 2009

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Kylie was diagnosed with alpha thalassemia when she was first born.  Its a blood disorder that affects the normal production of hemoglobin which causes low iron. She hasn’t had to take any medication  and its not severe at this point.    We don’t know if Jonny and I are both silent carriers.   If we are, there is a 25% chance that my pregnancy won’t go to full term.  The baby’s blood would be so mutated that there wouldn’t be any production of hemoglobin and would cause utero.

My last doctor appointment after the doctor listened to the heartbeat, he felt my uterus and said “Hmmm” he felt again and asked if  I was eating enough. I told him I was eating about 2ooo calories a day and asked him what was wrong. He said my uterus was smaller that usual for being 26 weeks along.  I remembered when I went in for my ultrasound and the technician said that the baby was small and pushed my due date 2 weeks back.  He told me that he is concerned that the baby isn’t growing fast enough and wants to start monitoring his/her growth a little more extensively.

Now I freaked out!! I’m doing all my research about the blood disorder and driving myself crazy in the process.  I’m calling the doctor on Monday and see if I can get blood work done on the baby and myself.


anxious March 3, 2009

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The next couple of months I will be watching my nephews brand new baby girl in the mornings. I cannot believe how much I miss having a tiny infant in my arms.

I am so ready to have this baby!


Baby #2 November 14, 2008

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I had my first ultrasound today.  There was a very strong heartbeat and the Doc confirmed that according to the size and heartbeat, I’m around 8 weeks pregnant.  Since there is a heartbeat detected, the percentage of having a miscarriage is 5% and when they can hear the heartbeat at 13 weeks, its drops to 2%.