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Chicago Here We Come! May 17, 2008

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We left for Chicago Thursday afternoon. We spent the night at my sister, her house is so nice!  We are currently in Nebraska in a hotel.

Kylie did well, we are all doing great


More updates when we get to Chicago!!!!



Getting so big! May 12, 2008

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Kylie is now officially rolling over from her back to her tummy!! The past month we tried to encourage her to do this by putting a toy above her head, she would have to shift her body to get it. Eventually she would end up rolling over.  Now she’s a pro!  

Her favorite thing is still jumping. We stand her up on our laps and shes goes crazy bouncing up and down. Its really fun to watch Nammy (Jonathan’s mom) hold her, I think that is when she jumps the most.


My First Mothers Day

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My mothers day was very eventful.  I have a husband and a baby who are very sick with a nasty cold.  I was up almost all night trying to console Kylie and getting Jonathan to take some medicine so he would get some sleep.

This morning I wake up to find a bouquet of homemade flowers on the table. They were made from brightly colored rubber foam and artificial stems. Hidden inside of them were DVDs, the 3rd season of The Office and Juno.  Another flower was sitting next to the vase that turned out to be a rash guard bathing suit that I mentioned of wanting last summer

My husband is so sweet! He had to take work off because he was so ‘blah’ yet he still found time to make me a wonderful Mothers Day gift.

Even though we are all a bunch of sickies, my first Mothers Day was AWESOME! 


Another Week May 1, 2008

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Kylie has been sitting up all on her own! Actually, we sit her up and she balances herself for about 5 mins. 

I’ve noticed that ever since Kylie started wearing big bows, people take more notice of her. We always get comments on how cute she is and how darling she looks with the bow. I never expected so many people asking me to hold her. Most of the time I say “no” but if the person is a mom herself and doesn’t smell like smoke, I usually let them hold her.

I took these pictures last week.  Kylie is very photogenic, she is such a doll.