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Chicago! May 20, 2008

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We made it whoo hooo!!!!  We are staying in a great community/mini resort. The amenities are amazing, there is a grocery store, lodge, ski hill, 6 volleyball courts,  golf course, 3 tennis courts, 4 pools, errand master, movie rentals, fishing, boating, massage therapist and every morning in a room next to the mailboxes there is free breakfast. We feel like we are living in a hotel.  When is gets hot enough, we are going ice blocking down the ski hill.  Everyone is going to think we’re nuts.

Jonny starts work today 😦  we are going to miss him.  On the bright side, we have sooooo much to do to keep busy. The next 3 months will fly by.


 Here are some pictures of us on the road


2 Responses to “Chicago!”

  1. withasmile Says:

    Wow! It sounds like you and Kylie can at least have lots of fun while Jonny is at work all day! What a great place to stay! The pools will be especially nice over the summer. And you can’t beat a free breakfast every morning either.

    The pictures are darling. I love Kylie’s expression in the third picture… It looks like she knows she has her Mommy and Daddy totally wrapped around her tiny finger. What a cutie!

    Love, Melissa 🙂
    (and Rick, Brenna, Joshua, Madalyn, Braden, and Baby too!)

  2. you have a beautiful family , your baby is adorable. dont let any one discourage you. . feel free to visit my page on cafemomor send me a email. I have a 23 year old and a 13 year old. you are young and have your whole life ahead of you. take care god bless. have a great weekend. write soon if if you can.

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